500 Watts Copper Motor


12 months Motor Warranty

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Instruction manual. Warranty card


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Motor Unit

It is packed with a powerful 500 Watt Copper Motor which is easy and safe to use.

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Small Jar

This Jar is ideal to make chutneys and gring dry food like spices, grains and dry fruits

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Tall jar

This jar can be used to make Juices, Smoothis and Gravies

Multipurpose Blades


Suitable for making
Coriander, Coconut, Amla,
and mango Chutneys.


Chop foods like
onion, garlic
and light vegetables


Make Smoothies,
and Milkshakes.


Mix and grind batters
for idli, dosa,
sweets and pancakes


Make Tomato and Onion gravy, smooth and creamy dishes, baby food and dips


How to Use

Use lids to store food after grinding/blending.
1. Read the “How to use” and “Safety Instruction” carefully
2. Place the body on a flat surface
3. Load the ingredients in appropriate jar
4. Plug the power cable with the power socket
5. Hold the jar and press power push button to start.
6. Clean the jar and socket blade .

How to clean

Evert time after use clean it by pouring in a small quantity of light warm water with a little detergent and then running the mixer with the blade on. Then wash the mixer under running water. After washing, the jars, blades and covers are kept in a dry place Automatic Trip off arrangement Your mixer is protected against sudden over loads. In case such a situation occurs, your machine will automatically trip off. To restart the machine , please wait for 3-4 minutes to allow motor to cool down and removw the over load. Press the red button of the trip-off switch to resume operation

Safety Instruction

1. Don’t run without lid
2. Don’t use outdoor on wet surfaces and keep away from direct heat or sun
3. Don’t use it for more than 5 minutes. After using allow 1 minute for motor to cool down.
4. Don’t grind hot liquids or food.
5. Don’t keep the device unattended while in use
6. Don’t fill the jars more than ¾ of the total capacity
7. Don’t allow children to handle it.


Warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect. If the product becomes defective within the warrant period it will be repaired , free of charge. The courier charges will be borne by the customer. Scan the QR code for warrant card

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